'Lawunmi Peters (Mrs)

Position: Director
: Pharmacy
Work Rate: 24 Hours


Drug Revolving Service

Pharmaceutical/ Drug Revolving Services


The pharmacy department boasts of a team of well seasoned and trained expert pharmacists, technicians and store keepers. The department runs a 24-hour service with a registered pharmacist on duty each day attending to the various and special needs of our clients.

Our outpatient clinic is fully stocked with a wide range of antipsychotics, antidepressants, anti hypertensives, anxiolytics etc.  The pharmacists provide individualized counseling to a wide range of clientele with special needs. We also take into consideration the unique needs of our clients and communicate in their native languages for better understanding. The clinic also caters to patients from other specialist facilities. Our outpatient pharmacists understand the uniqueness of our client and as such are well trained to work promptly and efficiently.

The hospital also privides  inpatient Pharmaceutical care in its Fifteen-ward facility. Each ward has an experienced and well trained clinical pharmacist attached to it who provides Pharmaceutical care to the patients. Our inpatient pharmacists are part of the healthcare team where they provide medication counseling, drug information services, as well as drug therapy management. They also play active roles at ward rounds in their respective wards.

The child and adolescent clinic situated at the Oshodi annex caters to children and teenagers who suffer from cerebral palsy, epilepsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder etc. the C &A pharmacists provide weekly talks to this special class of clients and their caregivers and also provide after-care services.

The Drug Information service is fully stocked with up-to-date resources and equipped with internet services. This unit provides updated information on drug related research.   

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