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In realization of the severity of HIV/AIDS in the society and among psychiatric patients, a HIV/AIDS 

Committee was set up in the hospital with the objective to set up enlightenment and preventive programmes

patients, staff and the community at large.

On the doctors prescriptions, tests are carried out on patients admitted to the drug ward.

Reduction of Stigma

With the aim of reducing to the barest minimum the stigma associated with psychiatric illness and the 

hospital, many projects and programmes have been instituted to attract the outside community to the 

premises. These include: Community/Staff Clinic, a Community Crèche, Cybercafé, Guest House, Supermarket, 

Laundry, Canteen, Car wash, Rental Services, Conference facilities, Social Club. These have opened up the 

hospital to outsiders, as a result of which many of the 

misconceptions have been eroded.



Name: Mrs Akhidenor Franca
: Social Welfare
Work Rate: 24 Hours
Email: socialwelfare@fnphyaba.gov.ng

2019 FNPHY Research Conference
Friday, 01 November 2019
Thumbnail   Welcome and opening speech by the Medical Director, Dr Oluyemi C. Ogun     Keynote Speech by General (Dr.) O.G Okunlate        Cross sections of participants...
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