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How To Keep Sane In The Face Of Financial Crisis

The global financial crisis could have profound implications for the health spending plans of national governments and unless countries have safety nets in place, the poor  and vulnerable will be the first to suffer, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned. Dr. Harry Taiwo Ladapo, the Chief Medical Director of Federal Neuro Psychiatry Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, in this interview with CHUKWUMA MUANYA, x-rays the situation and proffers solutions to keeping sane in the midst of the financial meltdown.

that constitute the problem. And there has been no solution apart from maybe palliatives, prayer; giving olive oil, barbiturates and all sorts of drugs to calm victims down. But there was no drug to arrest the main problem of madness which is delusion and hallucination until in the 50s when science was now able to identify a specific neuro hormone responsible and that neuro hormone was called Dopamine. Science now thought that the only way to cure this condition is to block the excessive production of dopamine.

When dopamine is produced excessively in the system, the individual now becomes something else-be talking rubbish, be hearing voices, be deluded, be roaming the streets, be out of touch with reality and that is what we call madness in this environment.

A problem discussed is a problem solved. So the linkage is just a temporary one unless some body has been having this problem before. The economic crunch does not mean you should start drinking if you have not been drinking before. 

Alcoholism is not our problem here, even thought it exists. Compared to European countries, our per capita is very low. Where you have per capital very high then you see the rate of alcoholism very high. But in our environment here, per capital income I still very low and drinks are very expensive. That is why you see people who are using alcohol like bus drivers, Okada drivers who are killing themselves, they are taking this cheap local gin with roots. 

Would it be right to say that the mental health situation in Nigeria is worsening and there is an epidemic of mental health issues?

Mental heath in Nigerian is not getting worse at all. Our mental health status is improving, one, because of the awareness created. Number two, the economic situation in Nigerian is improving daily, no doubt about it. The salary increment in the last 10 years has enhanced productivity among Nigerians. The problem with Nigerians is that they do not know how to spend money.  They do not know how to put the priority in money. This money is for you to feed, change your clothes, feed well, enjoy life with it, pay your charity, pay your tithes, and offerings. When people do not spend money on the right things, that is poverty and that is disaster and it leads to financial embarrassment.

Whatever amount you have, spend it on yourself, spend it on feeding well, in living well, take care of your environment. We have a very short time to live. The useful part of a man’s life is just between 35 to 60. After that, you are retired, you are back to your village.

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