Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy Programmes Yaba Voice Webinar session featured significant topics for the quarter as recorded below;

  • 25th July, 2023 – Theme: Overcoming the menace of drug addiction with Dr. A.M. Ojo and Mrs. Morenikeji Olaniyi A. as guest speakers.
  • 24th August, 2023 – Theme: Men’s Mental Health with Rev. Olabode Daramola (Clinical Psychologist) and Dr. Dapo Adegbaju as guest speakers.
  • 21st September, 2023 – Theme: Sucide: Stemming the Tide & creating hope through action with Olley Benjamin Oladapo (Clinical and Health Psychologist) and Dr. Richard Adebayo as guest speakers.

Moreover, the chief host in the sessions was the MEDICAL Director, Dr. O.A. Owoeye. Similarly, the advocacy  programmes on Radio/Television tagged Early Rush on Star 101.5 FM and Newshub on Silverbird Television featured as follows;  *July, 2023, Mental Health issues associated with Child Birth with Dr. O.E Akinola, and Mr. T.O. Alabi as guest speakers. *September, 2023, Demystifying Epilepsy with Dr. Grace T. Ijarogbe as guest speaker.  However, the coordinator of the programmes is    Dr. S.O. Oluwaniyi, Head of Clinical services.