Amenity and Community Psychiatry department




Position: HOD
: EAmenity and Community 

Work Rate: 24 Hours
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Amenity And Community

The Amenity and Community Psychiatry department of the hospital was created on 1 March. 2012 by the former Chief Medical Director Dr R.A.LAWAL and my humble self was put in charge.

The main aim was for the hospital through the department to interface with the populace in the city of Lagos.

Our portfolio included collaboration with Primary Health Care Centre in Lagos State liaising with religious bodies and both public and private school on the need to take their mental health seriously.

The focus was more on prevention rather than cure and thus giving lectures on several occasions in secondary schools, markets and religious places.

Our scope was further expanded when the department was mandated to represent the hospital during the camping period of the National Youth Corps Member posted to Lagos state. This helped us detect previously undiagnosed mental issues among the Youth Corp Members for which they were not only offered psychiatric education but treatment too. The last camp we attended held in December 2019.

With the coming in of the present Medical Director, Dr O.C Ogun in office, the Amenity Department was added to the community department on December 2017.

The Amenity department caters for the hospital clients that want speedy attention. The amenity section has the entire required department (except the laboratory) in the same building (from registration to pharmacy).

All the needed professionals are readily available for rendering services at the amenity section.

The firm also caters for the female patient in Bertha Johnson Ward II. This is a 14 bedded ward which patients are admitted and they are discharged as at when due.

We also receive assistance and cooperation  from organisation and study group like the mental Health in Primary Care (MEHPNC) project which requires Lagos State Primary Health Care Centres located close to the hospital to refer patients they feel need our services to us.