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The department started in the early 1970s, and was being run

by non-professionals headed by Mr. Oshin. Other staff under him

were Mr. B. K. Bash, Mr Beckley , and Mr. S.O. Okiji.

In 1976, Mrs. E. O. Ogungbemile, a British trained

Social Worker joined the department and became

the head of department. She had Advanced Diploma

in Applied Social Work from United Kingdom (UK).

Subsequently, Mr P.O. Adebiyi, a graduate of Sociology

from University of Ibadan joined the department in 1981,

while Mr. S. O. Okiji went for trainig in Social Work from

University of Lagos. Over a period of time, the department

metamorphosed to a professional department with qualified

Social Workers. And this brought about better service delivery

to the patients and hospital.

During this period, the department was a three man

department till 1983, when Mrs. F.O. Adejuwon joined

as a trained Social Worker from University of Lagos

and  S.O Olomu was also deployed from Account Department,

having complete his Diploma programme in Social Work from

University of Benin in 1989, which brought the staff strenght to five. 

Mrs. Ogungbemile retired in 1992 while Mr. Adebiyi became the Head of Department with 14 Social Workers under his headship. He worked meritoriously for the progress and development of the department and retired in 2008 and later handed over the mantle of leadership to Mr. S. O. Olomu who had MSW in Social Work and PGD in Health Administration. Mr. S. O. Olomu remained the head of department from 2008 to December, 2009.

However, Mrs Akhidenor Franca became the head of department from December, 2009 till date; she obtained Masters in Social Work from Lagos State University and has attended several Conferences and seminars. Since she took over the rein of leadership. the staff strenght has increased from 14 to 30 Social Workers.  The increase was necesitated by the complex Social problems that have contributed to high level of Psychiatric cases in the country.

Furthermore, the department is peopleed with qualified Social Workers, with Masters in Social Work Practice.

The Social Worker Department is a fully fledged one and we offer the following Clinical Social Work Services.

1. Assessing and obtaining the background information regarding the patient.

2. Counseling of in-patients and out-patients (individual and group)

3. Mobilization of Social Supports for indigent and pauper patients.

4. Conducting home/ School/ Office Assessment.

5. Marital and familyl therapy.

6. Psycho-educating the patients and relations.

7. Contact tracing of abandoned patients.

8. Placement of patient's children at welfare home.

9. Rendering welfare services to the members of staff when necessary.

10. We refer patient to relevant Social Work agencies if the arises.

Social work department also offers theoretical and practical trinings to students (and Volunteers) during their practicum or industrial trinings.

The Social Work department participates fully in different units of the hospital and each unit has a unit head.

The followings are the units and their head;





Name: Mrs Akhidenor Franca
: Social Welfare
Work Rate: 24 Hours
Email: socialwelfare@fnphyaba.gov.ng

2019 FNPHY Research Conference
Friday, 01 November 2019
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