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DS1 Opening Speech by the Medical direcctor, Dr. O. C Ogun. DS15
DS6Presentation of speech by Guest Speaker Dr. Idowu Malomo.  



DSC00054Cross sections of Participants
DS11 The ModeratorsDS13 2018 Research Fair Committee.


Poster Presentation by Different research groups

 oralResearch presentations by different Reseachers  DSC00060DSC00059
SLEEPLESSNESS/INSOMNIA: FACT FILES What is insomnia? Insomnia results when an individual start experiencing the following: difficulty falling asleep at bedtime, undue wakefulness in the night, early...
  How To Keep Sane In The Face Of Financial Crisis The global financial crisis could have profound implications for the health spending plans of national governments and unless countries have safety...
5 ACTS OF NEGLIGENCE NURSES MUST AVOID   The Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary defines negligence as failure to give somebody or something enough care or attention.  Applying this definition of...
Hospital Pioneers Research on Biological Psychiatry On Wednesday, 28th September, 2011, the hospital hosted a seminar titled “Building capacity for Neurobiological research: Endophenotype-based...
TRAINING AND MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT   As an accredited post-graduate trainer for psychiatric Residency, the hospital takes in doctors for the six-year training on a yearly basis. Medical students from...

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